Memorable Milestones in the college History

1974 The academic march began in C.P.A. buildings on 19-7-74 with two P.U.C. classes (Maths, Economics, Commerce History, Economics & Commerce) and 135 boy students.
1975 College hostel started functioning in “Aouri Bungalow”
1976 College established in newly constructed college buildings: Two more P.U.C. classes (Maths, Physics & Chemistry and Biology, Physics&Chemistry)Were introduced. College become Co – educational.
1977 College upgraded to degree level -B.Sc.,(Maths.) and B.A.(History)
1978 B.Com., and B.A.,(English)
1979 B.Sc.,(Chemistry)
1983 M.Com.,
1984 C.G.T
1985 M.Sc.,(Maths) college hostel shifted to newly constructed hostel buildings.
1986 B.A., (Economics)
1988 B.Sc., (Computer Science)
1995 Botany Ancillary to B.Sc.Chemistry Major
1997 B.Sc., (Eietronics) – Self finance course
1998 B.Com.,vocational stream with computer application
2000 B.C.A., B.Com with computer application, D.C.A. and P.G.D.C.A. Self finance courses
2001 M.Sc.,(Comp.Sc.and I.T.) - Seif finance course
2003 D.G.T., (Diploma in Gandhian Thought)
2005 M.Phil ., & Ph.D. (Commerce) Self finance courses
2008 Certificate in Accounting for Small Enterprises
2009 Diploma in accounting for small enterprises
2010 M.Sc., (Chemistry) Self finance course
2010 B.B.A., Self finance course
2010 B.A., (English) Self finance course
2010 Certificate course in Industrial Chemistry
2010 P.G. Dipolma in Accounting for small enterprises
2011 B.Sc.,I.t.-Information Technology (Self finance course)
2011 M.A., (English) Self finance course
2011 Certificate course in Human Rights Education
2012 Certificate course in Chemo Informatics
2012 Certificate course in Medial Lab Technology
2012 Certificate course in Environmental Chemicai Analysis
2012 M.Sc., Industrial Chemistry
2012 M. Phil., Mathematics
2012 M.Phil., Chemistry
2013 Ph.D. Mathematics
2014 M.Phil., Computer Science and M.Phil., English
2014 M.Phil, English SF
2015 B.Sc., Physics SF
2015 M.Com. Computer Applications SF
2018 M.A., History SF
2018 B.Sc., Mathematics SF
2018 B.Sc., Botany SF

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