Cardo Comp

In these days , of fierce competition , mere degree in a college is not a passport to employment. On the other hand a student with some special talent besides his / her degree is what employers are looking for . Each students has a special skill within him , raw and lalent . It is upto the Institution to locate it , cultivate it and hone it . These exceptional abilities must bud and flower untrammeled. The obsensible object of “ CARDO – COMP “ is to bring to light and let flower such hidden capabilities. Being the brain child of our college President Shri. R. Balu Alaganan, patronized and funded by our munificent management , it is permanent fixture in our college academic calendar. After participating in it , the student leaves the college , a fully rounded personality – all the rough edges of his character smoothened and refined.

The Magazine is edited by a committee consisting of the Principal and six teaching staff . It is intended to encourage students and members of the staff to contribute to its columns articles on Literature , Culture , Art , History , Economics , Commerce , Religion , Philosophy , Science , etc. It is also the chronicle of the of college , its hostel and associations. Contributions are welcome from students.