The college has the following association:

  1. Tamil Literary Association
  2. English Literary Association
  3. Mathematics Association
  4. History Association
  5. Commerce Association
  6. Chemistry Association
  7. Economics Association
  8. Computer Club
  9. Science Forum
  10. N.S.S. (Men Unit)
  11. N.S.S. (Women Unit)
  12. N.C.C
  13. Career and Guidance cell
  14. Legal Club
  15. Quiz Club
  16. UGC sponsored Remedial Coaching
  17. Internal Quality assurance cell
  18. Center for Entry in Services
  19. Center for Women Enterpreneurship Development
  20. Consumer Club
  21. Youth Red Cross
  22. Anti Ragging
  23. Equal Opportunity Centre

The objectives of the association are:

  1. Every student of the college shell be a member of one or more association.
  2. The principal shall be the Ex –Officio President of all the associations and the vice president will be the Head of the Department of the subject concerned. A staff of the respective department will be the secretary.
  3. Members of the staff shall be honorary members of the respective association.
  4. Lectures and meetings shall be arranged only with the consent of the president.
  5. No intimation or report shall be sent to the press by the secretaries or other office – bearers without the written permission of the president who is the ultimate authority on all matters connected with associations.
  6. As far as possible, student are advised to be unanimous in choosing their student representatives.
  7. Office –bears who misuse their posts for anti – academic activities ,will be removed form the office and expelled from the collage if necessary . If any post falls vacant in the course of the year, the same will be the principal by nomination.
  8. To arrange as many lectures and debates as possible on subjects of general literary, scientific and cultural interest.
  9. To afford opportunities for student to train themselves in the art of public speaking and histrionics.
  10. To stimulate interest in the discussion of problems of academic importance.

The Magazine is edited by a committee consisting of the Principal and six teaching staff . It is intended to encourage students and members of the staff to contribute to its columns articles on Literature , Culture , Art , History , Economics , Commerce , Religion , Philosophy , Science , etc. It is also the chronicle of the of college , its hostel and associations. Contributions are welcome from students.