Alumni Association

1. Name of the Alumni Association : CPA College Alumni Association
2. Address

  Address Cardamom Planters' Association College, Pankajam Nagar, Bodinayakanur - 625513 ,
Theni District. Tamilnadu.

3. Mission

  • Our college aims to prepare our students who belong to economically under privileged sections, to compete on an equal footing with their city counterparts and to ensure that our students’ economic insufficiency is no longer an impediment and that their future remains rosier and sunnier than ever.

4. Vision

  • Our College purports to provide education of a quality which will make our students academically competent, intellectually self reliant, ethically considerate and socially humane.

5. Objectives

  • Caters to the educationally backward
  • Ministers to Women empowerment
  • Brings out Students’ latent talents
  • Brightens up career avenues
  • Shapes up a new generation
  • Strives for total excellence.

6. Role of the Association

  • Helping poor and needy people in their studies.
  • Assisting the students seeking jobs.
  • Reviving interaction between alumni through get together.
  • Motivating best outgoing students through vocational guidance cell.

7. Membership

  • Membership of the Association is open to anybody who has been a student, at any time, in any course, at Cardamom Planters' Association College, Bodinayakanur.
  • There shall be two categories of membership, namely, Life Member and Annual Member based on the membership subscription opted by the member.
  • The application for membership to the Association shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Association in the prescribed form.
  • Subscription for Annual Membership shall be Rs.200/- which has to be remitted annually to retain membership, failing which will result in loosing of his/her membership.
  • The term of Annual Membership shall be one year from the 1st of April to the 30th of March every year.
  • Life Membership shall be an amount of Rs.1000/- which is a onetime payment, which also has to be paid at the time of admission to the Association.

Since Alumni Association is carrying out many welfare activities for the benefit of both the members, as well as the society, Alumni are requested to donate generously. The demand draft or cheque may be drawn in favor of “The principal, CPA College Alumni Association” payable at Bodinayakanur.

8. Composition of Alumni

1 Dr. S. Sivakumar. Principal & Chairperson
2 Dr. S. Balamurugan. Alumni secretary
3Dr. K. Krishnan.Coordinator - NAAC
4Dr. R. Murugesan. Coordinator - IQAC
6Dr. C. Gopi Member

10. Honoured Prominent Alumni

NoAlumni Name
1 T. Prabaharan, IPS
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic), Chennai
2Dr. Mudimannar
Director of Explosives, Chennai
Project – Director
TCS, Chennai.
4Dr. K. Vignesh
International Research Professor,
Department of Chemistry
College of Science,
Yeungnam University,
Gyeongsan, Gyeongbuk 712749
Republic of Korea.
Department of HR & CE
Govt. of Tamil Nadu.
6Dr. A. Alagarsamy
Scientist in R&D, GE Industries,
7L. Senthilkumaran,
Senior Manager,
Central Bank of India. Sivagiri. Tirunelveli (Dt).
8Dr. A.R.Ramesh
Assistant Professor of Chemistry,
Thiagarajar College, Madurai.
9Mrs. K. Manimegalai
Assistant professor
APA College, Palani.
10R. Kumarrajan
Associate Professor,
CPA College, Bodinayakanur.
11A. P. Sudhakaran
Assistant professor,
Government Arts college, Coimbatore.
12A. Marisamy
Manufacturing officer,
Chennai Petroleum corporation Limited.
13Dr. G. Ravindran
Assistant Professor,
CPA College, Bodinayakanur.
14Dr. R. Hariharan
Assistant Professor,
Pachaiyappa’s College,
Chennai – 30.
Bodinayakanur Municipality.
16Dr. V. Masila Mani
Asst. Prof. in Computer Science IIT DSM,
17Dr. N. Anabazhagan,
Professor, Ramanujan Centre for Mathematics.
Alagappa University, Karaikudi.
18Mrs. B. Sundaravadivoo Assistant Professor, Ramanujan Centre for Mathematics.
Alagappa University, Karaikudi
19Mr. R. Jegadesh C.A.
Chartered Accountant,
20Dr. S. Muralisankar,
Associate professor,
School of Mathematics
Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai.
21Dr. M. Pitchaimani,
Associate professor,
Ramanujam Institute for Advanced Studies in Mathematics(RISAM),
University of Madras, Chennai.
22Dr. M. Senthilkumaran,
Associate professor,
Thiagarajar College, Madurai.
23Mr. B. Vinayagamoorthy
Software consultant, HP,
24Dr. S. Jeganathan
Assistant Professor,
Ramanujam Institute for Advanced Studies in Mathematics,
University of Madras, Chennai.
25R. Venkataraghavan, M.C.A.
Project manager,
City Bank, Singapore.
26RV. Sridhar, M.Sc.
Senior Programmer I soft,
27B.Pradeep, M.C.A.
Senior Programmer, Wipro Technogies,
28A.Balamurugan, M.C.A.
Senior Programmer, TVS Rubber,
29R. Srinivasan, M.C.A.
Associate, CTS Techno park,
30D.K.K. Kamalakannan, M.C.A.
Programmer, Kumaran Systems P.Ltd,
31E. Senthil, M.C.A.
Software Engineer WIPRO,
32P. Karthikeyan, M.C.A.
Software Engineer, e-Capital,
33R. Anadaraman, M.C.A.,
Teaching Assistant,
C.P.A. College.
34N.Prabu ,
Senior Software Engineer,
AON Hewitt.
Client Relationship Manager,
Devan Housing Finance Corp Ltd.
Project Leader,
OKS Prepress Services Pvt. Ltd.
IT Analyst, TCS,
38T. Prabaharan,
IPS Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic),
39Dr. Mudimannar
Director of Explosives,
Project – Director TCS,
41Dr. V. Masila Mani
Asst. Prof. in Comp. Science IIT DSM,
42Mr. R. Jegadesh C.A.
Chartered Accountant
43Mr. Radhakrishnan
44Prof. K. Shankaran
Director of BIM,
Bharathidhasan University, Trichy.
45Mr. Rajasekar
Deputy Manager
National Insurance Corporation,
Dindigul .
46Mr. Gopidass
Branch Manager,
State Bank of India.
47Mr. K. Muthukumar
Manager, Karur Vysya Bank,
48Mr. G. Nagaraj M.Com.
Customs Officer Airport,
49R. Satheesh Kumar
RADIAN Construction Ltd.
Lusaka, Zambia.
50R. Ravichandran M.Com.,F.I.I.I, PGDCA., MHRM.
Divisional Manager
The Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.Neyveli.
51Dr. T. Rajakumaran M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Associate Prof of Commerce,
C.P.A. College.
52Dr. S. Balamurugan M.Com., M.Phil.,B.Ed., PGDCA., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Commerce,
C.P.A. College.
53Mr. Radhakrishnan
54C. A. Kannan
Chartered Accountant,
55Dr. Murugavel
Professor and Head,
School of Physical Education,
Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.
56Mr. R. Palraj ,
Associate Professor,
Dept. of History, Govt. Arts College,
57Mr. M. Kanagaraj ,
Assistant Professor,
Cardamom Planters Associations’ College, Bodinayakanur.
58Dr. T. Saravanan,
Post-Doctoral Research,
Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai
59Dr. A. Palanichamy,
Assistant Professor,
Govt. Arts College, Poolankurinchi.
60K. DhanavelPandi,
ASO, Tamil Nadu Secreteriate,
St. George Fort, Chennai
61CA. R. Kumaresan
Chartered Accountant,
62Dr. Angappapillai,
Assistant Professor,
Government arts, College, Musuri.
63Dr. S. Karthikeyan,
Assistant Professor,
Madura College, Madurai.
64M. Anbuchevi,
Assistant Professor,
C.P.A. College, Bodinayakanur.
65D. Balasubramanian,
Assistant Professor,
Government College, Udumalpet.
66Harish Dhivakar Ariharasuthan
Verizon Data Services India Pvt. Ltd.
67Logesh kumar
Senior Software Engineer
Aptean, Bangalore.
68K. Sekar
Area Office Incharge at LIC Nomura MF AMC Ltd.
69D. Soyadev
Manager Banking,
Atlanta, USA.
Assistant Professor
Kalasalaingam University.
71M. Ramkumar
Senior System Analyst
Royal Men’s Wear Readymade Garments, Theni
73M. Muthukumar,
Proprietor Car Agencies,


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