Plants form the basis of life on land. We are proud of displaying on our coat-of arms the CARDAMOM PLANT that subtains us.

Our motto is LIGHT , KNOWLEDGE , GROWTH . The book in our Crest stands for the dissemination of knowledge in the firm faith that goddess Saraswathi will shower petals on the students who seeks knowledge for the growth and enrichment of mankind. We proceed to dispel the darkness of ignorance by the light of learning fed by divine grace. We want our students to be a light unto the world.

The Magazine is edited by a committee consisting of the Principal and six teaching staff . It is intended to encourage students and members of the staff to contribute to its columns articles on Literature , Culture , Art , History , Economics , Commerce , Religion , Philosophy , Science , etc. It is also the chronicle of the of college , its hostel and associations. Contributions are welcome from students.